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The cork oak is constituted as a unique and original ecosystem in certain areas of the western Mediterranean, mainly Spain and Portugal, although it also occurs in some areas of North Africa and France and Italy, the cork oak is a tree that needs ideal conditions for development and is very sensitive to environmental conditions. Much of the municipality of Berrocal is populated by cork oak forests constitute one of the main sources of wealth of the people and of the activities of our company.

-quercus suber- cork oak differs fundamentally from the other gender -encinas Quercus, oaks ... - it has a crust that protects what grows throughout life, this bark is cork, this natural product has a highly prized properties since it is waterproof and very light so its insulating qualities have been appreciated and exploited by man since time immemorial but had its most important development by joining glass bottle and wine from the sixteenth century and especially from Don Perignon and its application to champagne, from that moment on product development was constant and uses the same spread to other sectors such as decoration, insulation, shoes ... we consider that cork is a natural product of high technology and is not a exaggeration, since the rockets NASA used as insulation in some parts, precisely because of its natural qualities and lightness.
Cork extraction is a laborious and difficult process, since it can only be performed manually, despite attempts, could not be machined reliably so far, so it should be removed with an ax and hand of a expert man, the ax must be accurate because if penetrates the tree itself beyond the cork can harm the tree.